Shuangliu little sea gasket factory, located in the outskirts of Chengdu, quick and convenient transportation from the airport, six kilometers southwest of Aviation Department, is the production of automobiles, motorcycles, farm machinery and other mechanical seal gasket of professional manufacturers for domestic provinces and cities internal combustion engine plant, Oil Factory , automobile factories, motorcycle factory, agricultural machinery factories, pump manufacturers and other industries supporting the many manufacturers, and supporting units of popular praise. Currently our factory has passed ISO / TS 16949 international quality certification

The enterprise since its inception in 1993, through the tireless efforts of the whole plant up and down and constantly open up the creation of, and now has developed into an area of 5,000 square meters, has more than 40 workers, craftsmen five people, a senior engineer, senior technical guidance, technical processing industry division one people, and have become die development, stamping, painting and testing, complete a series of modern production line of professional manufacturers. The enterprise "little sea" brand products are sold throughout the country, in the product supporting Southeast Asian countries on the basis of further sales of the product of high quality price ratio, sales and service in good faith in place, is welcomed by all customers high praise, making it the Jiao-Jiao in the same industry by

The company in line with the strict implementation of the ISO / TS 16949 international quality certification standards, pay attention to product quality, constantly updated product process (technical processing), supporting units meet or exceed the technical requirements in order with all manufacturers, merchants and common development for the purpose of

Technical capacity: mold development, production through-train service, 200MM 2-plate size of the product within one week out of products (drawings to convey, get the materials ready, and produced), the product used in all steel production

Technical processing: Product surface anti-sticking treatment, plus sealing line (this according to the demand side requires that you add)

Production capacity: 20 sets punch each class producing 5,000 - 6000 per day second class produce 22 million units. Welcome to manufacturers, merchants customized drawings and samples, this emphasis on the contract, keep credibility and commitment to cooperate in the transport agent

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